2011 began with a series of mass protests in the UK. Dissatisfied citizens took to the streets for a multitude of political reasons. This series of portraits separates individuals from the masses to highlight personal motivations.

As an Australian I've been banging on for years about how we need a system like yours. It's heartbreaking to see it under attack.

Save the welfare state not the rich 10%

The Stevens
We are here to protest against cutting services for children and young people. Dismantling decades of progress.

Nick Clegg betrayed everyone who voted for him. He has broken promise after promise.

I'm here because £17bn is lost to income tax and corporate tax avoidance, much more than due to benefit fraud.

Maybe, one day, education will be free to all.

I hate it when people say that one person cannot make a difference. I want a clear message sent to the coalition that the people are very dissatisfied.

I dont agree with what the coalition is doing. I dont like the cuts on housing benefits. I dont like the cuts on schools.

Andrew and Rachel
I came because it saddens me that the ConDem government are tearing apart the services that make me proud of my country.

Bankers are the new terrorists, holding people to ransom.

13 years of investment should not be thrown away.

I have travelled from Wales to be here. I am hoping that it will be Poll Tax Demo 2.

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