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This project explores a single thread of connections within Twitter to create an ongoing network of relationships. Each subject selects and introduces the next, choosing from the people they follow.
Cinema zombie popcorn

@CigaretteBurns_ brings the finest forgotten cult films back to the big screen, rumor has it that he watches in excess of 500 films a year.

@AlOverdrive his passion for the frozen image is only exceeded by his talent

@deedeelea runs an awesome vintage on-line shop where you can find the perfect mix of Americana and British clothing

@ElectricAdam creates incredible latex costumes, inspired by science fiction and his own warped imagination

@Samo72 An outstanding collector of circles in squares and forgotten pictures. Whiskey. Ice. Crashed cars. Maps.

@homelifedanny London's only gay friendly, Yank removal man and life coach. He can move you and improve you with buoyant, supportive energy

@lisamargreet Lovely gal who tweeted 4a man w/van, ding dong! Moved her 2 60s Balfron Tower. Lisa knits, grows veg & helps folks be creative

@warriorgrrl As a multi-instrumentalist & vocal chameleon' Laura embodies the true spirit of the DIY scene. She makes music. She Makes War

@vivschwarz - award winning writer & illustrator of childrens' books & my first blog-to-real-life friend, always full of stories & sparkle.

@kevan is gradually turning the world into a playground for us all.

@tomscott makes ingenious things and bad jokes, often simultaneously

@schrodingerskit UCL engineering communicator. Makes physics look good. Kicks ass accurately to several significant figures.

Social media butterfly @Dr_Black is the biggest twitter fan I know. It's her research, her communications, her campaign method; her medium.

When I grow up I want to be @cruella1. Fabulously funny and ridiculously smart with a well honed social conscience. The perfect woman.

@chris-coltrane is the founder and host of Lolitics. It's like a secret club for people who are very very funny. And also right.

@peachesanscream is just about the wittiest woman on Twitter. Every joke she tweets is a dark and disturbing joy.

@amytweetedthis makes me laugh every day, sometimes twice. She also has me chained to a radiator & is making me type this. CALL THE POLICE!

Disney villain on the surface - @Miss_Cakehead is a theatrically dark, creative genius - but has a heart of gold. That you can probably eat.

Funny & kind with a heart of gold @themonsterist is a truly iconic artist too - he rocks my world & I still remember his first tweet <3 <3 <3

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