Time Vampires 20/6/13

Links to endless distraction and inspiration.

There are very few things that make me go aaawwwww but I was hit by the combination of great design, cinematography and humor in this series of ads for Knorr!


Only problem is that they make me want to help Salty succeed and put salt all over the food!

Burn is an online magazine for emerging photojournalists curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. The stories are varied and engaging with simple design and navigation, I have taken to visiting once a month and going through the 10 or so stories. Well worth a visit!


is this the future of magazines? Its an interview with Portrait photographer Dan Winters with selective still images, video content designed in and audio recordings. All interactive and some of the best photography I know! Damn, time to up the game!


Matt Owen re-works our favorite film posters with simple graphic designs and an alternative take on the film. Got to get some!



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