Time Vampires 02/07/13


More things sucking at your time whilst being awesome, interesting and inspiring.

There are far to many time lapse videos out there now, its hard to stand out let alone capture peoples attention. This one has done both. Watch the building of London’s Ledenhall building, look out for the camera following the lift.



Whilst not being the most interesting way to spend an hour, I highly recommend that you have a look at micro adjusting your lenses. A small change makes a big difference and as long as you have a live view enabled camera its not actually that hard to do.



Picture desk live, The guardian – auto updating news pictures from around the world. Endlessly interesting.



And finally, the video for the new Travis song (the band not me, no one wants to hear my singing voice)! The projection highlighted only by the breath of the band is excellent. Check out the full video and some ‘making of’ extras from Creative review.



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