Tim Andrews

Tim AndrewsTim Andrews ‘Over the Hill’

I first met Tim at a Miniclick event in Brighton, I was sat next to him and kept looking over trying to work out where I knew his face from. It was only when a photo of him, by Kristina Salgvik, was projected on the wall that it clicked.

Over the last 5 years Tim has been seeking out photographers of all abilities to photograph him, recording his life since being diagnosed with Parkinsons. I was fascinated by the role reversal of a subject creating the project and immediately started thinking of how I would photograph Tim. Thankfully he was interested in my work and ideas so we began to plan.

As one of the organisers of the Photo-Forum talks I was keen to get Tim to London to speak about the project and worked my shoot around the event. Planning the talk forced me to look closely at many of the images already created of Tim, I definitely felt under pressure from all the images and the reputations of photographers who have been involved. I wanted to do the project justice and to deliver a portrait that was my take on things. Putting that pressure aside I approached the shoot with two aims, to push myself to shoot in a different way and to have the image represent Tim and his life.

The light in the shots represents rain on a window, giving a layer of separation between viewer and subject, a physical barrier mirroring an emotional one. The shoot was slow, warm and quiet, giving Tim time to relax, reflect and drift in much the same way you do when watching rain lash against a window from the safety and comfort of a warm home.

It is truly an honour to be part of the project, to discover how other photographers have approached it and to hear Tim’s perspective on working with such a wide range of my peers.

Tim’s blog along with more images from the project (over 200 photographers have taken part) can be found here


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