The Quantified Self

Ian: 200+ lifestyle variables

I’m happy to announce that my new project ‘The Quantified Self’ will be launched in July with an exhibition at Photofusion gallery as part of their SELECT/14 exhibition.

Exhibition Dates
18 July – 15 August 2014

Launch Party
Thursday 17 July, 18.30 – 21.00

‘The Quantified Self’ is the process of self knowledge through self tracking. Once the preserve of researchers and technology junkies, self tracking is rapidly evolving into a mainstream trend as people are able to use smartphones and wearable sensors to record an expanding range of data and make use of its analysis.

Many of the commonly tracked metrics relate to health and self improvement, but almost anything can be tracked; sleep, exercise, mood, weight, the list is almost endless as are the individual motivations for tracking. This project looks at the stories of the people who self track, the data they collect and their motivations for doing so.


The image above is of Ian Clements who is tracking 200+ lifestyle variables.

Ian began tracking his health in 1974, initially by recording exercise and weight along with occasional health checks. This all changed in 2007 when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only weeks to live. His tracking went into overdrive, expanding both what was tracked and its frequency.

Ian now records over 200 areas of his daily life with his spreadsheet measuring over 400 columns and 2,400 daily records and his routine of tracking and analysing data sometimes occupying him for 18 hours a day.

Ian: 200+ lifestyle variables



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