The ocean

The sea is the one big thing I miss now that I live in London, dont get me wrong, I love living in London but I grew up around the ocean and miss being able to sail, swim, surf or just be beside the seaside.

This image was taken off Dartmouth as the sun was disappearing and we were preparing to head up the English channel for an all night sail to Southampton. Its quite a journey in a small boat and took well over 24 hours, thats 24 hours with very little to do but stay awake and enjoy the view (unless you are my brother, who spent the trip either reading Harry Potter or leaning over the side being sick).

I didnt take many photos on the trip but this one I could stare at all day, they say that every snowflake is different but the same could be said about a view of the sea.

One day I will have a view of the sea from my house, until then I will have to make do with images like this one.


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