Tangier expats film

The New York Times

Earlier this year photographer Will Sanders asked me to join him as videographer on his commission in Morocco for the New York Times. The article with Will’s fantastic stills and our video can be found at – The Aesthetes

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Having travelled in Morocco twice before I was excited to return on a commission for such a prestigious client. The brief made it all the more exciting as we were to visit some of the expats living in the historic city of Tangier. We were tasked with recording their lives and homes and to interview them for a short film supporting the article.

Tangier has a long and rich history and the lives of those we met are as full of colour and eccentricity as the city and homes they inhabit. One of the joys of being a photographer is getting to meet unusual people so it was wonderful listening to stories of their experiences and exploits in Tangier.

All of our subjects had their own charms but the standouts were Jonathan Dawson and “Gipi” de Richemont Salvy. The former with his house cockerel, a large bird complete with huge spurs who was fed straight from the table like a much loved pet dog. And the latter with whom we shared a splendid and raucous lunch at his 50 room home in the narrow streets of the medina.

This commission saw me collaborate with Will on the most complete video piece I have created to date. Whilst still photography will always hold my main focus, I am now officially creating moving image pieces and having the first piece go public on the home page of the New York Times is a wonderful way to start.

Watch out for more moving image work coming to the newly created section of my website. Moving Image



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