Photofusion ‘Futures’

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I have had the pleasure of working with Photofusion on a number of projects, the latest being an exhibition of my new project there this July. However the most involved piece of work is now complete, a teaching role with a group dubbed ‘Photofusion Futures’.

Over a six month period I worked with a group of emerging photographers selected by Photofusion staff (emerging is not a term I like but it will have to suffice until a suitable alternative can be found). The project consisted of professional practice workshops and a group photo project to test those skills, the participants are all aspiring pro photographers who had proven themselves dedicated to pursuing a career in the medium.

This was as much of a learning experience for me as for the participants, both in terms of leading a group and in terms of content. It was never intended as a series of lectures from me, I’m not that big headed to think I know it all (hopefully those of you that know me will agree). I set out to guide the group to find answers to some of the questions we all asked as we began working, and sometimes still ask. Subjects included getting started with tax and creating a professional invoice template, this was supported with a group project designed to use those skills and create problems that we could overcome and learn from.

This was not an easy undertaking, fitting meetings around all our own work commitments and the wait for people to get organised and begin shooting the project was a source of great frustration, whilst also being a useful teaching point for the group! I’m very happy with the success of the programme, with marked improvements in all the participants confidence as working photographers and big steps towards the professionalism needed to succeed. They continue to provide support and advice for each other and I have no doubt that they will be successful in their chosen areas.

I firmly believe that the photographic community grows stronger through being supportive and inclusive. I hope that through my involvement with this and other projects like Photo-Forum I can help and encourage others whilst learning and growing myself.

The resulting images and photographers bios from the project can be found at Photofusion FUTURES


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