Photo-Forum End Of Year Show 2016


To bring a successful year of Photo-Forum talks to a close we held an End Of Year Show and Christmas party. Showing over 100 prints from past speakers and audience alike, the show formed a fantastic review of the past 12 months. The exhibition remains open at theprintspace until December 22nd.

The photography community were invited to submit images to the show and we exhibited every entry, creating a democratic look at people’s favourite image from the last 12 months. From these images, our judges Annalee Mather, Giles Duley and Andrea Kurland chose Tim Topple’s image (below) for the ‘Best in Show’ prize. Tim’s image depicts his daughter in a genuine and joyful moment with Giles commenting “With Tim’s photograph I could talk about how the casual pose echoes a Renaissance cherub or the rules of thirds and nod to the light of a Baroque – but that misses the point. Each time I looked at the photograph it gave me joy. It has life”

tim_topple©Tim Topple

I would like to thank theprintspace for providing a space for the talks and for, along with PixelrightsHungryeye and Peter Dench, supplying prizes for the winning image. 

Photo-Forum has gone from strength to strength and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed or attended this year. Special thanks has to go to our speakers, the talks couldn’t take place without the generosity of those who show their work and explain the ideas behind their images. This year we have hosted talks by a number of wonderful photographers, some already well established and respected but many early career photographers who are destined for great things!

Photo-Forum speakers 2016:

Brian HarrisGuy SmallmanNick TurpinStephen LeslieEd SykesJillian EdelsteinRob PinneyMary TurnerClare StruttersGiles Duley, Leslie KnottKlaus Thymann, Simon NorfolkTom PilstonAnnalee Mather, Colin JacobsonNeil Massey, Julio EtchartKalpesh LathigraJack LathamLaura El-Tantawy, Matt Cetti-Roberts

Plans for 2017 are already forming, with the first talk coming on January 10th. Happy holidays to all, I look forward to seeing what 2017 holds.


©Sara Nicomedi


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