London to Paris

London to Paris facing backwards on a Harley…

Let me begin by explaning that I was asked to travel with The Big Issue from London to Paris to document their fundraising bike ride. The aim was to create images to entice people to join the ride in years to come.

I expected to spend the trip being dropped up the road from the cyclists and capturing them flying past. But no…the fantastic Sergio had offered to drive me all the way on his Harley-Davidson! Now that made it a whole lot more interesting!

We both agreed that riding ahead of the cyclists while I shot photographs facing backwards was the stupidest idea ever. So that quickly became our goal!

For the majority of the trip I faced the right way on the bike and got some amazing shots driving amongst the cyclists or jumping ahead to lay in wait at a likely spot. The bike was invaluable for this as we were able to ride alongside the cyclists or fly through traffic to find the best locations to shoot from.

When this stretch of road appeared, long and straight with dappled light from the trees I knew we had found our spot, and I think we had passed a hospital a couple of miles back so the backwards facing plan became a reality.

I soon found myself sitting backwards on the bike trying to balance (with no hands as I needed both for the camera) while framing shots, flying up and down this road as groups of cyclists came through.

It was well worth it, a fantastic trip with amazing people and all for a good cause.

(Not bad for someone who had never been on a motorbike before)



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