Interview with Hunger magazine

Below is a transcript of my interview with Hunger magazine. The interview was undertaken live on Twitter, a novel and apt way to discuss my latest project ‘follow me’

It was a strange experience to be interviewed this way, lots of tweets going back and forth and it was lovely to get some of the subjects from the project chipping in along the way.

The Hunger is a biannual magazine from photographer and publisher, Rankin.

We are now chatting live with photographer Travis Hodges, see his Twitter project Follow Me – Tweet us any questions.
 Where did the idea for your Twitter project ‘Follow Me’ come from?
 When I joined Twitter I promised myself that it would not turn into a faceless social media account.
 I wanted to make something creative of the process and actually meet some of the people I was following.

 Something to relieve the guilt of virtual life! Who was your favourite to photograph and why?
 Yes, attempting to bring the online world into the offline one. As for my favorite… hard question.
 The shot of  was fun, big thanks to  for spending the am with her arm in a popcorn box!
  was great to work with, the shot got lots of attention, including selection for the exhibition.

 It’s a real insight into how Twitter connects people. What was the most interesting thing you discovered from the project?
 Its those connections we make that interest me, Twitter has helped make it 6 degrees of separation rather than 7.
 With every portrait I take I learn something, from the subject or about myself, that is what I love about photography.
 Oh, and I discovered some amazing places like the wave lab at UCL where I photographed 

 Did you learn anything new about yourself this time?

 I learned more about my process and working with subjects.

  Why do you think people need social media to update people on what they are thinking and doing?
  Personally, I work in a home office so can easily get cut off from the world. Twitter is like having workmates.
  But at least you can unfollow the office bore! 🙂

 What is the best thing and the worst thing about Twitter?
 best thing, its always there. worst thing, its always there. You have to be disciplined about switching off.

 Tweeters are becoming celebrities in their own right, with a small level of infamy. Is that healthy?
 Its great that the public can chose who their celebrities are. places like Twitter make it more democratic.
 You have to follow people you want to listen to or what is the point. Any thoughts ?
I like to follow people I can interact with. I’ve made lots of friends with people I met on Twitter.  
  Twitter helps like minded people connect.

 Does everyone want to be famous or important in a way?
 Fame is bestowed by others but I think we all strive to be important in our field.

How will people be connecting in 10 years time?
 Just read Philip K Dick, George Orwell or Ray Bradbury, their fiction on is becoming reality. reducing language etc.
 I created my own Orwellian portmanteau for the project, each image is accompanied by a ‘Twintro’
 As a photographer interested in social media, what do you think of Instagram?
 I am yet to try instagram, but never say never!

  How do you think twitter helps with networking and getting work/getting people who matter to see your work?
  Its got to be part of the mix, you cant rely on one route. But it does help show people who you are.

 If a Tweet falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?
 Twitter is one big forest! something like 250mil Tweets a day. Some must go unread but that is part of the beauty of it.

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