Free range shows

It is a good few years since my own graduation show on Brick Lane but I try to make it down to the FreeRange shows each year to see work by the latest crop of photography graduates. We exhibited in what is now Rough Trade with my work hanging where the photo booth now sits.

This year I went with my colleagues from Photo-Forum, Helen, Megan and David, it was great to walk around the shows with fellow photographers especially as we all shoot very different images and brought very different perspectives.

Uni shows are always greatly mixed with some work making you wince and some being so good you want to hang your camera up for good. This year was no different but it was a great shame to see some work lacking basic technical ability or let down by bad printing.

The overall feeling was that most exhibits could have done with a little more context and I was surprised to see very little social media integration, these graduates are meant to be part of the ‘facebook’ generation but most missed the opportunity to include a facebook or Twitter link for the viewer to instantly interact, connect or show appreciation.

We were all impressed with the overall standard of the Edinburgh college and Falmouth show and nearly had to drag Helen away from one image of a bearded guy with his shirt off! Below are links to a few of my own favourites, completely subjective but I can see some of them going far.

Karl Axon 

Bianca Tuckwell

Leanne Healey

Sophie Brocks



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