Đổi Mới

Đổi Mới is the name given to Vietnam’s economic reforms initiated in 1986. These reforms were designed with the goal of creating a “socialist-oriented market economy” and have opened Vietnam up to rapid capitalist development. Since 1990, Vietnam’s GDP per capita growth has been among the fastest in the world, averaging 6.4 percent a year. In 1993, over half of the population lived on less than $1.90-a-day. Today, the rate of such extreme poverty has fallen to 3 percent. More than 40 million people escaped poverty over the course of two decades.

30 years on from these reforms Vietnam is in a state of perpetual change, physically and culturally. Đổi Mới is a visual exploration of the impact economic development is having on the Vietnamese landscape and way of life, focussing on the influence of tourism and western values on young Vietnamese.